Bill Review

Standard or Specialty Bill Review

The right bill review choice to match your needs

The bill review company you choose can make a big difference in your bottom line. Whether you’re looking for quick, efficient repricing or in-depth retrospective review, UniMed Direct delivers exceptional, accurate bill review at a competitive price.

Standard bill review services include:

  • Paperless environment
  • Workflow options from mailroom to electronic checks
  • Bills processed within jurisdictional timeframes
  • Imaged bills and medical records for easy access
  • eBill process with adjuster review and/or approval
  • PPO access for contracted savings
  • Truly integrated UR processes utilizing UniMeviDence®
    • Prospective to retrospective to enforce prospective decisions
    • Retrospective to prospective to prevent abuses during approval

Specialty Bill Review

When repricing is not enough, we offer exceptional competence in bill reviews that require technical, medical and legal knowledge. Our experts dissect surgery and hospital bills, and we meticulously resolve bills for which reimbursement is not established by a fee guideline. Our knowledge of NDC, DRG, APG, HCPCS and CPT coding is unparalleled in the industry.

Specialty bill review includes:

  • Evaluating codes, charges and unlisted procedures to ensure you only pay what is fair and reasonable.
  • Physician Advisor services: when decisions are appealed, we have the best defense available – decisions are supported by a doctor who has reviewed the services and charges.
  • PPO Administration: we can find the best fit for your business and increase the value of the relationship.
  • Reviewing medical records, in detail, to ensure services and charges are appropriately supported.
  • Negotiating with individual providers not in a PPO or when the services are unusual.
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