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Our Peer Reviewers Can Work from Anywhere

By the time you have worked hard to achieve so much, we believe you will have earned the right to work from anywhere. Our Physician Advisor opportunities are flexible to meet your schedule while offering you the resources and support you need to get the job done. When you provide your expert reviews, you’ll receive prompt and competitive payment, and we’ll handle all the administrative processes. Many times, you get paid before we get paid because we understand the importance of consistent payments in any partnership. In general, you’ll be asked to assess whether there is evidence to support the treatment and consider the risk and benefit of performing the treatment versus the risk and benefit of not. Our medical directors will engage you in looking at risk and cost variables and any new regulatory or medical changes in the utilization of medical resources. Our high quality, multi-pronged QA program looks for consistency in the application of principles.

Board-certified peer reviewers

  • National licenses
  • Multiple specialties
  • File reviews
  • Peer reviews
  • Telephone consultations

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  • Web-based referrals
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  • Superior nurse and technical support

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