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Today’s demands continue to increase in complexity where the laws are harder to understand and accomplish, budgets continue to get pinched, and expectations require more precision and faster results more than ever before. That’s why we keep our focus on a single value proposition for our customers.

UniMed Direct offers Experts to Back You Up® … we are here to deliver you resources that support your managed care operation.

Our mission is simple and focused on your core business whether you need a software solution with ReviewStat® to drive your processes or you need staffing support for any piece of your managed care functions from data entry intake, to overflow nursing, to print and mail, or an entire outsourced solution, we are there to help you achieve your desired outcomes!

Key Operating Principles

We have always provided evidence-based defensible decisions because we believe it is imperative to provide objective, unbiased physician advisor services. Our company was formed on this principle, and it is our core strength. It has now been expanded to be a driver in our software, ReviewStat®, with built-in ODG, ACOEM, state guidelines and custom rules using UniMeviDence®.

Timely services are not only a matter of compliance, but are key to helping ensure proper medical care. We don’t just “check the box” to follow the rules, we ingrain the principles of these requirements into our everyday processes whether imbedded as automated rules in ReviewStat®, or ongoing quality assurance, compliance becomes a baseline standard from which we accomplish better outcomes.

Reporting outcomes is necessary to monitor compliance and decisions but in today’s fast-paced world we need data at our fingertips … ReviewStat® was built to capture and have information instantly available. Whether you have a customer or provider on the phone or need details to report to your management, ReviewStat® has extensive data to answer your every need.

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