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Resources for Providers

If you’re a health care provider, we understand that your first priority is to get your patients the treatment they need. Please read this information in order to help us keep the review process running as smoothly as possible.

To request preauthorization, click on the link below to download our preauthorization form. You will need to fax the form and the medical documentation to support the requested treatment to (800)281-5438. In most states, we have 3–5 days to process your request. Please ensure you give us plenty of time before checking the status.

  Download Preauthorization Request Form

What To Expect From Us

What To Expect From Us: At UniMed Direct, we’re driven by UniMeviDence®. That means our review decisions are made in accordance with our proprietary library of evidence-based guidelines.

If you have a question about a bill review, please contact the insurance carrier. We are not able to initiate an appeal process on their behalf.