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Thank you for your assistance in this engagement. Our client was very pleased with the settlement, and your report was a major part of one of our reports – which our client said had a “significant, significant impact” on the results.

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At UniMed Direct, we’re always looking ahead. That’s why we’re focusing on the latest techniques to help you get claims resolved as quickly as medically appropriate. We’re putting these extra services in the spotlight by focusing more resources than ever to create a competitive advantage for our customers.

My DocLine®

If you’re an adjuster, case manager or other claims professional, sometimes you just need to be able to pick up the phone and get immediate questions answered from a doctor knowledgeable in your business. Whether you need to discuss a diagnosis, prescription, medical equipment or any number of issues, our physician advisors are available to give you the answers you need to get your claims moving in the right direction.


Direct-MDSM provides doctor-to-doctor* contact. You’ll be connected with a doctor who can support you with treatment planning, return-to-work management (RTW) and problem solving within UniMeviDence®. This approach to medical and RTW management is making a big difference for claims professionals who are serious about smart claims management. That’s because Direct-MD treatment planning is where common sense meets evidence-based medicine. As an adjuster, case manager or other professional, you can have one of our specialists talk to the treating doctor and help determine the best plan of action. With a treatment plan in hand, you and the treating doctor can focus more on getting the patient well and less on administrative hassles. This type of medical management between doctors can give you better, faster and more cost effective claim resolution. It’s a conversation, it’s sensible, and it’s backed by UniMeviDence®.

*Note: This doctor-to-doctor service is available for medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other providers as necessary and available.


UniMed Direct offers a wide array of consulting services. With some of the most highly respected experts in the industry at your disposal, you can consider us a partner in these areas:
  • Implementing a network/PPO arrangement
  • Advancing your bill review or other medical/claims processes
  • Supplying expert witnesses in complex medical review cases
  • Email or call us today if you’re interested in putting our experience to work for you.

UniMeducation Helps People Unravel Their Medical Bills.

Imagine what it’s like for the average person to navigate the health care system. Without the industry experience we have, many people pay for services that should be covered by their insurance, just to keep collectors at bay. UniMed Direct is committed to helping your employees in this situation. Learn more about UniMeducation

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