Employers—add UniMeducationSM to your employee benefits package. Your employees will have the benefit of objective experts to help them get the most from their medical coverage.


How We Can Help

If you’re like many people in our profession, your friends and loved ones often ask you to help sort out their medical insurance woes. It can be very complicated, even for experts. So imagine what it’s like to navigate the health care system when you have little or no industry knowledge.

Our concern has inspired us to create an organization to help people understand their medical bills and to Know What You Owe®.  As Insurance Interpreters®, we know that the amount billed is not necessarily the amount truly owed. But many people continue to pay more than they have to, even to the point of exhausting their life savings, in order to keep collectors at bay.

Whether it’s group health, Medicare, military coverage or workers’ comp, until the health care system is simplified and medical costs lowered, we will remain passionate about helping people pay only what is appropriate for the health care they need.

We are excited about bringing UniMeducationSM to employers, and soon it will be available to the general public and as a continuing education resource for licensed professionals. We’re asking you, as professionals in insurance, medicine or utilization review, to let us know what you think about UniMeducationSM and to consider joining us in this effort. It’s a great way to use your unique skills to help others.

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