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We’ve got the UniMeviDence® to Back You Up.

UniMeviDence® is not about cook-book answers—quite the contrary. Our proprietary collection of evidence-based guidance consists of scores of scientific guidelines, evidence-based studies and state specific guidelines. We also utilize several certified network and client-specific guidelines and can do the same for you when you work with us to manage your utilization review.

In general, when we assess whether there is evidence to support the treatment, we’re taking into account the risk and benefit of performing the treatment verses the risk and benefit of not.

Our medical director and team of physician advisors continually look at risk, cost variables and new issues in utilization of medical resources. We ensure that all of our Peer Reviewers are fully trained and update our UniMeviDence® to reflect any jurisdictional or medical changes.

UniMed Direct realizes that not all procedures have substantial evidence to support beyond common sense and the delivery of quality, cost-effective care. We are continually building and monitoring our library of work and encourage all of our providers to share any literature to support or refute any opinion to support our outcomes.

When you trust your utilization review to UniMed Direct, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your decisions will be sound and defensible. That’s what we mean when we say “backed by UniMeviDence®.”