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URAC Compliant

UniMed Direct holds accreditations as an Independent Review Organization: Internal Review and in Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management.

URAC, an independent, non-profit organization, promotes health care quality through its accreditation, education and measurement programs. URAC accreditation provides a mark of distinction for organizations to validate their commitment to quality and accountability that keep pace with the rapid changes in the health care system.

URAC’s Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management Accreditation standards address the unique characteristics of workers’ compensation utilization management and ensure quality oversight for this fast growing area of managed care that reflect the unique aspects of the workers’ compensation environment and injured workers.

URAC’s Independent Review Organization (IRO) helps ensure that organizations that perform IRO services are free from conflicts of interest, establish qualifications for physician reviewers, address medical necessity and experimental treatment issues, and have reasonable time periods for standard and expedited reviews and appeals processes.

The above information is derived from the URAC 2013 Accreditation Program Guide for Independent Review Organization Standards, Version 5.0, Definitions and Workers’ Compensation Utilization Management Standards, Version 6.0.